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17th October 2011


Jasmine Earl Grey cupcakes with orange blossom buttercream.

I made these CUPcakes (haha) for a girly night in last Saturday. 
It’s an ordinary sponge recipe with a few tablespoons of black, strong jasmine Earl Grey (the better the quality of the tea the stronger you can brew it. Cheap teas can go very bitter).

The two-tone icing is buttercream with a tsp of orange blossom water, half coloured peach and the other half left natural and all shoved into the same piping bag. The pearls are sugar balls that I’ve shaken in a baggie with white lustre dust. You can buy sugar pearls but they’re often not as pearlescent as you would want so I always keep some gold/silver/cream/white lustre dust to hand. 

*Please excuse the terrible piping, my regular, large star nozzle had gone walkies that day!

Teacup silicone cake cases can be found at many online sites such as Amazon or eBay. I bought my 4 from The Works in Windsor.