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2nd November 2011


Rosy apple cake truffles as a thank you gift for our cider-making hosts.

Truffles are made with chocolate chip loaf cake, dipped in coloured white chocolate, then decorated with apple stalks and mint leaves. Bottoms are trimmed with a scalpel and polished with gold lustre dust.

Experimenting with loaf cake was fine but not as smooth a texture as a chocolate sponge (slightly grittier).

I also think it’s time to invest in proper chocolate colourings since the white chocolate kept seizing. Still happy with them though.as they’re mighty pretty!


Above: The apples/cakes all packaged up and ready for their journey to Somerset.

I can’t stop using egg boxes as packaging, they kept the cake truffles safe throughout hours on the train and they just look so lovely and rustic. Mint leaves needed replacing (as you can see here) but that was no biggie. For longer periods of time perhaps I could make coloured chocolate leaves or candy them. Hmm…