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8th October 2011


Bubbleology in Soho.
I love a good edible gimmick so I had to pop into this little place where there were bubbling vials and test tubes everywhere and the staff wore lab coats. The product is bubble tea, originally an 80’s Taiwanese milky or fruity drink with chewy tapioca pearl ‘bubbles’. They can now be found all over China Towns worldwide (I always buy a cup if I see a seller)
I had:
Coconut milky bubble tea with extra passionfuit flavour popping boba (little bursting balls of passionfruit gel, a bit like those bath pearls you used to get from your Aunty at Christmas). Yummy, but I prefer the good old milky tea flavours.
My friend Sally had:
Ginger fruity bubble tea with extra lychee popping boba. Revolting is the most kind thing I can say about this flavour! 
Anyway, try it. You might not like it, but I’m addicted.