27th September 2011

Just found an old photo of the biscuits I made for the Royal Wedding…

They are a total rip off of the ones made by Biscuiteers, a fantastically inspiring company that sells exquisite iced biscuits. Having lent my copy of ‘Biscuiteers Book of Iced Biscuits’ to a friend they were even lovely enough to send me a new one so that she could keep it!
However, the powers that be at Biscuiteers have fallen from my favour for not using free-range eggs (and insisting that it’s impossible for them to do so). So now I make my own.
At just under £40 per tin I thought they charged silly prices for their product, now I make them myself I realise they’re being very generous -each batch I make takes at least 6-7 hours!